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November 26, 2012


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❅ He radiates cold instead of Heat.

❅ Jack is mostly active during fall and winter but during summer and spring he goes through a long sleep to regain his energy.

❅ He often goes to far when it comes to playing his pranks.

❅ He hates being bossed around and being ignored.

❅ Jack is normally very careful when it comes to body contact seeing as he might cause someone to get frostbite but he tends to be forgetful.

❅ He has a mischievous personality and he is a bit of a flirt

❅ Jack is of proud character and knows very little humility so if someone does beat him at something he tends to mope about.

❅ Jack absolutely loves what he does when it comes to his job and he can often be found lounging about in snow mounds, trees, and around lakes just admiring his work.

❅ When Jack's body is ever overheated there will be a dramatic shift in weather with dangerous consequences.

❅ He sometimes acts without a second thought.

❅ He was gifted with the ability to maintain a human form for a short amount of time, mainly 30 minuets at the longest.

❅ He is very protective of his fellow Guardians.

❅ He feels some form of understanding with Pitch and feels mainly pity when he remembers how frightened he had been when no one could see him.

❅ He tends to be gallant when it comes to defending women.

❅ He absolutely hates it when someone tries to take his staff, don't be surprised if he snaps at you. His staff has sentimental meaning to Jack.

❅ Jack has a fear of water because of how he came into this world. He involuntarily cringes or freaks out.

❅ Jack has troubles when it comes to love and because of his past he had silently vowed to never love a mortal for fear of losing him/her.

❅ Whenever someone is feeling low or upset Jack does his best to cheer said person up.

❅ Jack absolutely loathes awkward moments that also are on a high degree of seriousness. He will either remain blank faced during the situation or attempt to flee. When it comes to a fight or something though he is always ready but if confrontation can be avoided he will avoid it. XD

❅ When it comes to being in a relationship with Jack [if it happens] he tends to be selfish. If there is a rival for the attention of the person he likes Jack tends to play dirty.

❅ Jack greatly dislikes anyone who devalues their own lives and throw themselves into harms way for no real reason at all. [Or just hurts themselves for sport >w>] Seeing as Jack's own human life was cut very short he could never experience a real normal life.
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(( But can he take a joke? ))

[[Of course. He is the guardian of fun after all]]
(( He reminds me of this guy in my Science class. His name is Peter.

Teacher: And Peter loves Ryan.
Peter: Hey~ *Pervy wave* ))

[[lol sounds cool XD]]

Jack: Not my fault you can't see. ))
(( I had this awesome idea of a slumber party, where Jack turns off the lights so they can go to sleep..but they just end up making fart noises on their arms for half an hour. ))

[[That is actually. . .a good idea for an RP journal XD]]
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